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Electron Beam Accelerator – Cold Pasteurization

Sor-Van specializes in industrial applications of ionizing radiation and providing radiation services to the medical industry, research institutes, and hospitals. Sor-Van operates an electron beam accelerator which is considered to be the most modern of its kind in the sterilization field. 


This is an innovative technology called "cold pasteurization" that uses an electron beam accelerator (E-Beam). This technology is gaining momentum worldwide, due to the fact that the process is significantly faster than gamma irradiation, minimizes damage to sensitive materials, and uses electricity instead of a radioactive source. 


Today, Sor-Van operates a 5 million electron [MeV] volt accelerator.


The company is able to conduct initial feasibility tests within its research and development framework and, in coordination with customers, define a process for ongoing product handling that meets the various required standards. 


Sample Applications

  • Cold pasteurization of cannabis inflorescences for microbial load reduction, in compliance with the standards of the Medical Cannabis Unit of the Israeli Ministry of Health 

  • Sterilization of products that are sensitive to gamma radiation

  • Quarantine treatments for products being imported to and exported from Israel (Catha edulis [Hebrew:Gat], citrons [Hebrew:etrogs])

  • Modifying polymer properties – crosslinking and cutting of polymer chains

  • Gelation and transparency enhancement in organic solutions

  • Cutting and altering viscosity of oligosaccharides 


Sor-Van operates according to international standards, under the supervision of the Israeli Department of Health, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the Ministry of Labor.


Sor-Van meets the latest standards of ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 11137. It is certified and registered in Israel and with international testing bodies such as: FDA, the Israeli Ministry of Health, the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, the Japanese Ministry of Health, and ITC (Institute for Testing & Certification, Czech Republic).  


The company undergoes periodic assessments by various international testing bodies (notified bodies) and is approved as a sterilization service provider by various international companies in Europe, the United States, and Japan.

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Microbiology results before and after process

בדיקה מיקרוביאלת של תפרחת קנאביס לאחר פטור קר

After process

בדיקות מיקרוביאליות לפני טיפול פסטו קר

Before process 

Our process labels (chemical yellow stripe changes to orange, after cold-pasteurization):

מדבקת קנאביס אחרי תהליך

After process 

מדבקת קנאביס לפני תהליך

Before process

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