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Medical Products Sterilization


Electron Beam

The electron beam accelerator is a sterilization method using innovative technology and which has applications and proved potential in a variety of industries and fields.

Food Products

The food industry is always seeking new ways to improve and extend product shelf life. SorVan's advanced ionizing radiation technology complies with all required standards, and has the ability to significantly extend shelf life. The process preserves each product's quality, while neutralizing it from harmful microbiology and pests.

Medical Products

Medical products manufacturers are required to supply sterile products. 

Sor-Van specializes in irradiation services for disposable and multi-use medical products.

About us

Sor-Van Radiation Ltd. specializes in industrial applications of ionizing radiation - providing premium sterilization services to the medical field, research institutions and hospitals, food manufacturing plants, and the chemical industry. As the leader in its field in Israel, Sor-Van provides high quality professional services to dozens of companies across Israel and abroad.

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